Service Comparison: Daya Bali Tour vs Klook

by Gede Kenny
Reading time: 7 minutes

Did you know that you can save IDR 80,000-200,000 traveling with Daya Bali Tour to Gateway of Heaven Temple instead of Klook?

Comparison #1: Car Hire & Driver Service
(with study case included)

On the surface, Klook seems to offer cheaper price than we do. But what if I tell you that they’re actually offering less benefit, and on the contrary, you’ll be paying more for traveling to remote places?

I invite you to have a look at the comparison and study case below. While reading, I recommend you to go directly to Klook and talk to their representatives, in case you wanna make sure that I’m being truthful.


Car hire (10 hours daily)

Driver as guide

Dedicated tour consultant


Parking fees

Toll road

Welcome drink

Attraction price directory

Cars 2015 and newer


IDR 550,000

USD 39/SGD 52
PHP 1995/HKD 300

Car hire (10 hours daily)

Driver as guide

Dedicated tour consultant


Parking fees

Toll road

Welcome drink

Attraction price directory

Cars 2004 and newer


IDR 480,000

USD 34/SGD 46
PHP 1745/HKD 265

"Look, Klook is cheaper than you! And I'm not even sure how having tour consultants will benefit me!"

Indeed, but the price above doesn’t tell the whole story. Why? Because Bali is big and diverse and every provider including us and Klook have this “Service Area” policy. Not every corner of Bali will be covered by the price they advertise.

You wanna go somewhere far away from main tourist area (Kuta, Denpasar, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Ubud)? You’ll need to pay extra. The difference is, some providers see this as an opportunity to squeeze their customers, while others charge just a reasonable amount of fee. You’re about to find out which one is which.

This is also where our tour consultants & drivers can make a difference by providing you better values & cheaper rate than Klook as shown in the case study below.

Case Study: Ms. Janice from Singapore

When Janice came to us she told us that she and 3 of her friends would be staying in Seminyak. They were tempted by pictures of Lempuyang “Gateway of Heaven” Temple on Instagram and decided to put the spot at the top of their bucket list. To our surprise, she wanted to arrive there right at sunrise, which is unusual but we managed to come to agreement.

She also wanted to take picture at Twin Lake Buyan & Tamblingan as well as exploring Gitgit waterfalls in North Bali.

After discussing with our tour consultant by measuring her plan & hotel location, we recommended her to hire our service for 2 days and came with the itinerary as follows.

Day 1

Lempuyang Gateway of Heaven Temple in the morning

On the first day, our driver pick them up at 4 AM and went straight to Lempuyang Temple, arriving there about 6.20 AM thanks to no traffic. They found themselves already waiting in a line because you guessed it, the temple is literally on top of everyone’s bucket list. But the pictures were worth all the wait.

Middle section bridge at Tirta Gangga Water Palace, Karangasem

Around 9 AM they went to Tirta Gangga Water Palace and took a hefty load of pictures by the stepping stone and the fountain. One of her friends even decided to swim in the pond which is regarded as holy – not in a forbidden way but rather encouraged.

Afterwards, they spent an hour for lunch around Candidasa region before heading inland around 11 AM to Tukad Cepung Waterfall, one of the most secluded cascades in Bali.

Tukad Cepung Waterfall as the sun ray seeps in

They should’ve been able to arrive at Jimbaran just around 2 PM (thus finishing the trip 10 hours in total) had she decided to return after the waterfall adventure. However, she wished to see more greeneries in Ubud, and this would mean she needed to extend for another 2 hours – which she had no problem.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace. No further description needed.

We provided her the Attraction Price Directory to see the list of all popular places. She picked Tegalalang Rice Terrace; and Bali Pulina for swing & bird nest + coffee tasting, finishing at 2 PM and arriving back to Seminyak at 4 PM.


IDR 550,000 (Default price – 10 hours)

IDR 100,000 (Remote Area – for traveling to Lempuyang & Tirta Gangga)

IDR 100,000 (Non-business hour charge – for pickup at 4AM)

IDR 50,000 x 2 (Overtime fee – 2 hours)


IDR 850,000

USD 59/SGD 81
PHP 2085/HKD 465

IDR 480,000 (Default price – 10 hours)

IDR 250,000 (Remote Area – for traveling to Lempuyang & Tirta Gangga)

IDR 250,000 (Non-business hour charge – for pickup at 4AM)

IDR 50,000 x 2 (Overtime fee – 2 hours)


IDR 1,080,000

USD 75/SGD 103
PHP 3920/HKD 590

So if you’re going to Lempuyang Temple like Janice, you’ll end up paying IDR 230,000 more with Klook. Did I wake you up now? 😀

Again, if you think I just made this up, talk directly to Klook representative and tell them you wanna go to Lempuyang before 6AM and you’ll need their service for 12 hours. I can assure you they’ll quote exactly the same amount of charge.

"What if I don't need 12 hours and pickup in the dark? Will I still save more going with you?"

Absolutely. Let’s see Janice’s itinerary on the following day, which was started on normal business hours and done exactly within 10 hours anyway.

Day 2

On the second day, as previously arranged, our driver picked them up again at 7 AM and headed straight to the furthest places first, Gitgit Waterfall. After crossing a wooden bridge walkway through a gorge and a small Hindu shrine, they finally reached the 40-meter spectacle around 9.30 AM.

Fresh water streams at Gitgit Waterfall, Buleleng

After taking a dip for an hour, they headed south and arrived at 11 AM at Wanagiri Hidden Hills for another “Instagenic” picture opportunities with swings, bird nests and ship bows perfectly overlooking the panoramic north Bali mountains and the serene expanse of Lake Buyan & Tamblingan.

Wanagiri Hidden Hills with Twin Lake Buyan & Tamblingan in the background

After taking lunch, they hit two more spots – Handara Golf Resort around 1 PM to spend more time taking pictures at the famous gate; and Ulun Danu Beratan Temple an hour later.

Aerial view at Handara Gate, 10 minutes away from Ulun Danu Beratan Temple
Locals carrying large offerings to Goddess Danu at Ulun Danu Beratan Temple

Departing the temple at 3 PM, they managed to drop off at hotel just about 5 PM. Job done!


IDR 550,000 (Default price – 10 hours)

IDR 100,000 (Remote area I – for traveling to Gitgit & Wanagiri)


IDR 650,000

USD 45/SGD 62
PHP 2360/HKD 350

IDR 480,000 (Default price – 10 hours)

IDR 250,000 (Remote area – for traveling to Gitgit & Wanagiri)


IDR 730,000

USD 51/SGD 69
PHP 2650/HKD 400

Still, Janice and friends would end up paying IDR 80,000 more had they gone with Klook.

Why can we offer cheaper rate? Like I said before, some providers charge just a reasonable amount of fee for remote traveling and Daya Bali Tour happens to be one of them. Also, it’s because we set the remote areas into 2 levels, which enable you to avoid too much fees when traveling not too afar. Read the whole explanation in our Remote Area & Coverage Policy

And if you are unsure with Klook‘s additional charge policy, please refer directly their websites and talk to their supports.

As a matter of fact, Daya Bali Tour’s consultants are real Balinese, while Klook’s customer supports don’t even exist in our country.

Yes, I have to brag about this one because it determines how your requests & complains will be handled.

Comparison #2: Car Fleet Conditions

Did you know why Klook operators are able to provide such a “cheap” rate? The answer lies in the picture below.

Disclaimer: The pictures above are taken directly from Klook website. The cars shown are Toyota Avanza and Suzuki APV – both from 2004-2008 generation.

Klook operators don’t really filter how old the cars are (even if they do, they couldn’t, because they don’t have representative in our country). Their drivers are good to go as long as their cars are “operational” so they can accept as many bookings as they can.

Why do I know this? Because a couple of their drivers came to us and told how they felt being treated unfairly because their brand-new cars earn the same amount of pay as these old vehicles.

As a wise man said: "If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys."

You have to admit old cars most likely have terrible seats and can easily suffer from broken air-conditioning which is definitely not acceptable in an island where the average temperature ranges between 26-30 degree Celsius.

If you think I’m lying on all these stuffs, go again to Klook’s webpage on desktop and jump to the last page of their customer reviews (don’t go on mobile because their website don’t allow you to do that). And if you want to make fair comparison against us, go to our Tripadvisor page and see how many travelers complained about our cars.

I don’t hate startups and tech companies but once you start ignoring qualities to glorify “growth,” that’s where we’re gonna have a problem. As a Balinese who make a living from tourism, I hate it when a traveler’s expectations got ruined by cheap price. As a wise man said: “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.”

Although to be fair, they still have a few drivers who own good cars. If you are lucky, you will embark on newer cars, just like ours below.

These are the current generation of Toyota minivans which we maintain with care (strictly clean, no smoking interior and cool air conditioning).

But the question is: “For a cup of coffee, are you really gonna bet on your comfort, or go with the safest option?”

You deserve assurance. If we ever send you a car from 2013 or older like the Klook offers, we will refund your money 100%.

Comparison #3: Add-on Services

What’s sometimes more important that the traveling itself? The ability to connect to the internet for broadcasting and sharing your moments (#bucketlist). For foreigner travelers the most viable solution is definitely the 4G SIM card which is compatible for any kind of smartphones regardless of nationality.

Both Klook and Daya Bali Tour sell the same starter pack from the same carrier (XL Axiata) but our price is cheaper. Don’t get us wrong, even with the price difference we’re still getting profit. So, it can only means that Klook are taking too much from the SIM card.

Can you see the pattern here? They sell cheap car & driver service but making their profit from expensive add-ons. However, this left you with a big downside: no guarantee on car quality & service excellence.

We on the other hand offer reasonably priced car & driver service with cheaper add-ons, which come with guaranteed excellence & highly maintained cars. You got nothing to lose because if our cars aren’t good, we’ll refund your money.

In the end, you’ll pay more or less the same, but I think you’ll know which one to choose.

1,300+ monthly guests can't be wrong.